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TV Review: Crash

The crash you hear in the distance is the sound of a potential trainwreck. Read More »

TV Review: The Last Enemy

In which the near future teeters precariously to the present. Read More »

TV Review: Dexter – “Our Father”

If the opener is any indication, Dexter may have met the end of the line. Read More »

DVD Review: Privilege

Buried for decades, this film emerges as a prophetic parable for our times. Read More »

TV Review: 102 Minutes That Changed America

It was a day of fiery tears. In New York, some recorded those 102 minutes that altered us forever. Read More »

DVD Review: Eli Stone – The Complete First Season

A trial lawyer who may be a prophet is an unlikely premise for a series. Praise the Lord -- it works! Read More »

DVD Review: The Robert Drew Collection – JFK Revealed (Primary/Crisis/Faces of November) (1963)

The parallels between the sixties and 2008 are eerie. Robert Drew's films make it all the more so. Read More »

DVD Review: Comedy Central’s TV Funhouse

Getting in touch with our inner child can have hilarious repercussions. Read More »

Book Review: The Words and Music of Patti Smith

No woman, and precious few men, are as important in rock's evolution as Patti Smith is. Pity this book doesn't quite get it. Read More »

DVD Review: Anglo-Saxon Attitudes

Time may heal all wounds. But in the process, it dissects lives. Read More »