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Music Review: Various Artists – A Brutal Christmas: The Season in Chaos

In my first Christmas special, I take a look at a collaboration album of metal bands covering Christmas carols. Read More »

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I review more bands that follow me on Twitter. They're not as good as the first two, but entertaining. Read More »

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Join me in my review of three Harry Potter metal bands. Wait, what (you say)? Read More »

Music Opinion: Best Heavy Metal Vocalists

In my first list, I discuss my favorite clean and harsh metal vocalists. Read More »

Music Reviews: Waltari and Dead Raven Choir

My return after a brief hiatus will encompass two strange bands that you'll have to see (or hear) to believe. Read More »

Music Reviews: Voodoo Kungfu and Guahaihoque

Two metal bands use their cultural instruments in their music. No, they're not European. Read More »

Music Reviews: Eldrig – Kali and Crimson Wind – Wings of Salvation

Two more underground metal bands are here and ready for dissection! Read More »

Music Review: Dance Club Massacre – Feast of the Blood Monsters, and Le Grand Guignol – The Great Maddening

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