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Should Condi Rice Resign?

The blame for the diplomatic nightmare that is Resolution 1701 must rest squarely on the shoulders of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Read More »

Welcome To The New Middle East

A true United Nations, living up to one tenth of the noble sentiments contained in its charter, would have voted to join with Israel to destroy Hizbullah. Read More »

Spinning Israel’s “Defeat”

As Hizbullah fanatically tries to hold their ground in southern Lebanon while being slaughtered by the IDF, Israel's "defeat" is being spun unmercifully. Read More »

It’s So Hard Being A Liberal

My sympathy for Mrs. Hamsher lies with the fact that being a liberal is such a challenge to rational thought that only a select breed of human is capable of the feat. Read More »

Problematic Profanity Puzzles Pundits

This will necessarily be one of the most difficult articles I will ever write. Not because of the subject matter, mind you. It's the way I type. Read More »

“Operation Just Reward” Penalizing The Lebanese

"Operation Just Reward" is imperiling almost a year's worth of hard, slogging work done by a few heroic individuals in Lebanon. Read More »

Middle East: Teetering On The Edge Of The Abyss

This is not the sudden spasm of war as we experienced in 1967 and 1973. This is like a slow motion explosion, almost a steady, determined march toward the battlements by Israel and its enemies. Read More »

Crosstown Showdown: Take Two

If I didn't hate them so much, I might feel a smidgen of pity for those hapless Chicago Cubs. Read More »

Escaping The Legal And Moral Quagmire of Guantanamo

What can be done to begin repairing the damage to our Constitution and our most cherished values by the abuses at Guantanamo? Read More »

Victory Is In Sight in Iraq

A timetable for pullout proposed by the Iraqis is not the same as one proposed by Democrats. Read More »