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Satire: Ann Coulter Blow Up Doll Flops

"We read the blogs, the fan sites, we know Republican guys have the hots for her, but apparently not enough to buy her doll." Read More »

Rick Santorum Concession Speech – Now A Top Selling Ring Tone

Santorum fails reelection but hits it big in the ringtone market with his concession speech. Read More »

Satire: Tickle Me Elmo Celebrity Sex Tape Scandal

Insiders say the uncovering of “Tickle Me Harder” was actually orchestrated by Elmo’s management team. Read More »

Satire: Republicans Use Stingray Attacks In Campaign Ads

Democrats want to use your tax dollars to protect wildlife, but which party will protect your children from that wildlife? Read More »

Satire: Cheney Takes Bronze Medal in Olympic Biathlon; 7 Killed, Dozens Injured

Dick Cheney goes rogue on the slopes and bronzes in the biathalon. Read More »

Satire: “Crazed” Dick Cheney in Stand-off with Police after Shooting Man

“Mr. Cheney started screaming that he wouldn’t be taken alive,” Anderson said. “He said he got ‘a taste of human blood’ and he liked it... Read More »

Brangelina Baby Cuteness Protection Goggles Auctioned on eBay

These genetically blessed movie stars are having a baby and "the combination of this particular genetic bouillabaisse will result in the cutest baby" ever. Read More »

Tom DeLay Shows Off Illegal Campaign Contributions – NASCAR Style

WASHINGTON D.C. ( – Faced with a U.S. District Court order to name the companies that sought favorable legislation in exchange for cash contributions, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), has proposed a novel means of disclosure – a race car driver’s jumpsuit. Just as he was able to diffuse the impact of having his mug shot taken by ... Read More »

TV Review: Surgery With The Stars Debuts on Fox

When you need another fake news source, PoopyCaca is there. Read More »

William Bennett and Barbara Bush To Head Racial Sensitivity Initiative

When you need another fake news source, is there. Former Education Secretary and lifelong gambling addict, William Bennett, seen here not saying anything stupid, but thinking it. Written by Joe Wilson WASHINGTON D.C. ( – President George W. Bush has announced that his mother, Barbara Bush and former Education Secretary and high roller, William Bennett will lead a new ... Read More »