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Black, White, East, West

This perilous world that so many of us yearn to change is the inevitable consequence of the color line. Read More »

The Beginning of Men

Because of the oppression of women, we have no idea what a "real man" looks like. Read More »

“I Don’t See Race.”

It is how we see race and not whether we see it that is the issue. Read More »

What Is the Face of Racism?

It is not the Wade Michael Pages, but every day people who will decide the fate of our nation. Read More »

Faith, Race, and Terror

The recent massacre at a Sikh Temple was a brutal lesson in the inevitable consequences of the color line. Read More »

Brown Like Her

I will need to raise a son who is not only "brown like me," but "brown like her." Read More »

Faith in Space

It's time for a new kind of faith-in-space movie. Read More »

Brown Like Me

Is God trying to teach us something through the hues human beings come in? Read More »

I Am George Zimmerman (Sometimes)

I have to acknowledge that I have held similar ideas about Black males to those that likely influenced Zimmerman's thinking. Read More »

Love Cannot Be Legislated

Dealing effectively with racism must involve thinking and action that transcend material considerations. Read More »