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Movie Review – Surviving Christmas

If it’s late October, it must be time for Christmas movies to start making their unwelcome appearance as they do without fail every year. The underlying theme to most, if not all, Christmas films (Silent Night, Deadly Night notwithstanding) is the idea that the holiday season brings out the best in mankind. Crabby cinema protagonists – from Ebenezer Scrooge to ... Read More »

Movie Review – Team America: World Police

Fuck yeah. Now, before you think I’m being profane for profanity’s sake, you should known that particular phrase is a key ingredient to several musical interludes in Team America: World Police, the latest offering from South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In addition to being topical, it’s also the expression that most readily describes my reaction to the film, ... Read More »

Movie Review: I Heart Huckabees

Before we begin, let me make a promise to you, the reader. I promise not to use the adjectives “quirky,” “indescribable,” or “surreal” to discuss I Heart Huckabees, the latest film from writer/director David O. Russell. I also won’t try to convince you of my intellectual cred by dropping philosophers’ names in an attempt to demonstrate how knowledgeable I am ... Read More »

Bad TV Ponderings – Joe Pantoliano

It would seem that reviews coming in for the new TV series Dr. Vegas are somewhat less than encouraging. Variety sets the tone by calling it “an ill-conceived medical franchise providing further evidence that some things that happen in Vegas really should stay in Vegas” (a joke that most reviewers, notorious for our their lack of creativity, seem to be ... Read More »

Review: Silver City

As a John Sayles fan, it pains me to have to tell all of you that his latest film, Silver City, just isn’t that good. Compared to typical Hollywood fare, it’s happily mediocre, but ranked against the best of Sayles’ canon (Eight Men Out, Lone Star, Men with Guns), Silver City falls well short. It’s pretty easy to determine where ... Read More »