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The Best Novel You Likely Never Heard Of

It would be a crime against the cosmos if this novel were lost to posterity. Read More »

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, An Early View From New York

Highly satisfying, extraordinary ending to an extraordinary series. Read More »

A Weeds Refresher: Series Returns to Showtime on August 13

The off-beat, hilarious comedy with very serious lessons will be back for its third season in August. Read More »

TV Review: The Sopranos Or The Tiger? David Chase As Frank Stockton

Ambiguous endings can have classic written all over them. Read More »

Is Mitt Romney a Cylon?

10 reasons - from how could one person have so many different positions ... to the meaning of "null set" Read More »

TV Review: Lost – Charlie, Underwater Babes, And My Finale Prediction!

A major brand-new prediction about the season finale! Read More »

Harry Potter And His Refutation Of Illiteracy

Hundreds of millions of sales and readers show that critics who think we are living in an illiterate age are wrong. Read More »

TV Review: Heroes – “Pictures With No Words”

Heroes, inscrutable at first, moves towards a climax of searing focus. Read More »

TV Review: The Tudors – “Henry’s Apothecary”

The Tudors fight the sweats, with medicines not all that different from our own. Read More »

The First Republican Presidential Debate: Three Of Them Don’t Believe In Evolution!

The three front-runners did fine - but three others don't believe in evolution! Read More »