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More Brains! More Electrodes! More Money!

They dug two holes in my head and found brain in BOTH of them! Read More »

My Old Man Was A Giant!

He was a Giant. Figuratively, if not literally. But even when he was dying of cancer, when his voice boomed — you listened. Read More »

He Who Lives By the Sword…

Porn star kills porn star with sword, falls off cliff after cops taze him. Read More »

Does Anyone Remember Memorial Day?

Why are the people on the commercial dancing to celebrate Memorial Day Savings? Read More »

Why No Right Wing Outrage Over “Terrorist Kane”?

It ain't really "terror" when Americans does it, right? Read More »

I Did NOT Steal This Computer!

Kleptomania identified as a compulsive side effect of dopamine replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease. Read More »

Who Do I Listen To? My Doctor or the Ice Cream?

It's hard to resist ice cream when it argues so logically! Read More »