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Idiocy in the Blogosphere

Why do people post negative comments on other's blogs? Read an interesting perspective about people who post negative comments and bloggers who publish trashlogs. Read More »

Donovan McNabb: Shut Up or Get the Hell Out

Read an interesting perspective about the McNabb controversy from the perspective of a deaf man - who has worked "extra" to get through life. Read More »

Satire: Drugs and Religion – A Reflection

A look at a religion and drugs from the perspective of a deaf man obsessed with multi-colored neon signs of Jesus. Read More »

Christianity and Atheism: A Conversation

A conversation between an atheist and a Christian who discuss homosexuality and neon signs. Read More »

The Uneducating of America

A small group of Americans to be taught a foreign language as their first language. Read More »

The Shameful Lynching of America by Al Sharpton

Maybe the truth is that Blacks aren't as victimized as they think, and it's time to dump the ambulence chasers like al Sharpton. Read More »

If Don Imus Goes, Then Al Sharpton Should, Too

Don Imus and Al Sharpton mirror one another. Read More »

Barry Minkow and The White Don King

How an ex-con purports to lead a crusade to save America. Read More »

It’s Time for Blacks to Get Over Slavery

Why African-Americans should stop using slavery as a social crutch. Read More »

Why A Cappuccino Won’t Win the Presidential Election

Barack Obama won't win his bid to be U.S. President because he's a racial cappuccino. Read More »