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Single Review: “Going Down To Liverpool”

Katrina and the Waves' political "Going Down To Liverpool" is given a different feel in the Bangles' version. Read More »

Single Review: Jessica Simpson “I Think I’m In Love With You”

The single is a Clearasil commercial, selling the ideal teenaged girl's life. Read More »

Single Review: Maria Mena “You’re The Only One”

Mena is a high-maintenance, insecure girl. She wants her boyfriend to think he can't do any better. It's quite psychologically twisted. Read More »

Single Review: INXS “The Gift”

Michael Hutchence lets his girlfriend in on his troubles in the clunky "Gift." Read More »

Single Review: Kelly Clarkson “Walk Away”

Kelly Clarkson tells off her insensitive boyfriend in the vehement "Walk Away." Read More »

Single Review: Christina Milian “Whatever U Want”

Christina Milian is interested in a gun shy guy in the sporty "Whatever U Want." Read More »

Single Review: Madonna “Die Another Day”

With death looming around her, Madonna decides not to give up her life in the staunch "Die Another Day." Read More »

Single Review: Nina Sky “Move Your Body”

Nina Sky encourage their best friend to freak with a guy on the dancefloor in the derivative "Move Your Body." Read More »

Single Review: Ray J “One Wish”

Ray J can't accept that he and his grade school sweetheart have drifted apart in the screechy "One Wish." Read More »

Single Review: Ashlee Simpson “L.O.V.E.”

Ashlee Simpson is grateful for her girlfriends' support during her boy troubles in the frivolous "L.O.V.E." Read More »