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The possibilities are endless. The question is, how much more manipulation do we want to accept? Read More »

William Shawn Never Had To Worry About SEO

In a world where we're all under the SEO yoke, marketing people and editorial folks have to work together more closely than ever before. Read More »

March Madness: Crazy Like a Fox

Boys playing with a ball on a field is exactly the feeling the geniuses of sports promotion know how to tap into. Read More »

Success Through Excess

Sometimes getting to the top means going over it. Read More »

Bios and Press Releases

Bios and press releases are both necessary parts of a good marketing and press plan. Read More »

Twitter: The New Customer Service

Customer service via Twitter hits home. Read More »

Marketing: A Matter of Life and Death?

Marketing can influence the public to support or oppose a big societal change. Read More »

Entrepreneurship: It’s All About a Can-Do Attitude

As you forge ahead in your business – and in your life – remember that your biggest fan is you. Read More »

Chain Stores and Localvores

Big corporations are learning to take advantage of the "localvore" movement. When does marketing become deception? Read More »

Merchandising: Capitalizing on the Surprising

A branded item that's a little bit new, a little bit different, is also a little bit worth tweeting about. Read More »