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Low Cost International Calls. Can It Be True?

cheap long distance telephone calls. Is it true or is it a marketing gimmick? Read More »

The Growth of the Live Music Scene

Artists and records labels are nowadays focusing and dedicating their strengths in live music shows, more than anything else. Artists are signing 360 deals with their recording labels to supplement their incomes. Read More »

The Evolution of a Band

The human being feels the need to categorise music. This is not helping bands in exploring and exploiting their talent. Read More »

Making Money Online: Is There An Easy Way Out There?

I've tried a million different things to make money online, but they all failed. Read More »

Eminem – I Take My Hat Off!

Yes I would take my hat off for Eminem because from the lowest possible he came around, succeeded and dominated! Read More »

Is Lady Gaga Getting Too Much Exposure?

Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson have a lot in common. Yet one is on top while the other is criticized. Read More »