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Book Review: My Friend Leonard

I’m sad about Leonard. Sweet Leonard. I’ve been sad since I finished reading My Friend Leonard, by James Frey. Leonard lived so close to me. He spent part of the year living in a big house that overlooked the ocean in Laguna Beach. He downsized, sold his house. Sweet Leonard. I’m not going to give too much away. That would ... Read More »

Book Review: A Million Little Pieces

When I read about author James Frey in Poets and Writers July/August magazine, I marked in red the part where Frey said: Alcohol is not a disease. It is a choice. I have always believed that. I was surprised to hear someone say it. I was more surprised because Frey was an alcoholic. To say “I’m an addict and I’ll ... Read More »

Let’s Go Shopping!

I’ll tell you what the disaster in New Orleans has taught me: To survive in this world today, you need to be rich. This world is no longer a place for the poor. No one listens to the poor. Funny, in New Orleans, the rich live on the high ground and the poor live near the water. Funny, in my ... Read More »

Gene Simmons Rock School

The Kiss guitarist -- the one with the serpentine tongue who’s claimed to have slept with 4,000 or so women -- is precious in his new role as a music teacher at Christ’s Hospital, a private London boarding school. Read More »

Poker Tour Oddly Fascinating

I’ve never played poker. You heard right. Never, despite living in Las Vegas for a decade, 3,649 days too many. So the chances of me watching poker are as likely as me turning on golf. Now, you know it’s coming. No, I didn’t play poker. Recently, flipping through the channels (there are a lot of them aren’t there? And there’s ... Read More »

Marilyn suicidal, no. Wacky, yes.

The Marilyn Monroe transcript printed in the Los Angeles Times a few days ago leaves the impression that Marilyn had zero plans to commit suicide. In fact, she comes across as nothing more than one of those wacky wealthy celebrity types with not much to worry about except the science of the day, psychology, Freud in particular, orgasms or the ... Read More »

Stand by your Man

Excuse me. But a vote for George Bush was a vote for war. Don’t act like you didn’t know that. But it seems many Americans are changing their minds about the whole thing. Recent polls suggests that they’ve grown weary of Bush and the war in Iraq. What are you? A bunch of wimps? Bush told you flat out what ... Read More »

Razorlight – Up all Night

If you’re the type who likes to find good music before the rest of the crowd, better get to your favorite record shop for Razorlight’s debut CD Up All Night. The London band is about to make a splash in the U.S., thanks to a car ad. The British hit “Golden Touch” is now prominently heard in a TV ad ... Read More »

Saving Carrick, hardly

Saving Carrick on Dateline NBC — the story of how two “recovering” alcoholic parents struggled to save their daughter addicted to heroin — was a testimony to bad parenting. The parents blamed their addictive genes. Good one. But when their daughter was growing up, dad chose the bottle over his daughter and mom spiraled into depression and was hospitalized when ... Read More »

Swimming pools, movie stars

After reading this story about paparazzi hunting the “stars,” it seems to me that celebs aren’t innocent victims. They play to the paparazzi and they should stop whining. Sure, it’s absolutely wrong to bang into someone’s car to get a photo of a celeb meltdown and it’s wrong to scare a baby (you have to read the story) but I ... Read More »