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Vitor Belfort Bows Out Against Anderson Silva

Vitor Belfort out of UFC 112 against Anderson Silva Read More »

Gainey Steps Down in Montreal

Bob Gainey steps down as GM of the Habs. Read More »

Getzlaf Injured, Presumably Out For the Olympics

The Canadian center injured his ankle and is doubtful for the Olympics in Vancouver. Read More »

NATO Still Wants Missile Shield

NATO picks up from where Barak Obama left off on installing the Missile Shield. Read More »

Obama Bails Out of Eastern Europe

The new and ever practical American President doesn't see the value in Eastern Europe that Bush saw. Read More »

The Russian Oil Drive

The major world powers have been securing oil supplies for many years. Russia is playing hard ball though. Read More »

NATO Reloads for Afghanistan with a New Sheriff

Anders Rasmussen leads NATO and possibly Europe into the future. Read More »

Modern David and Goliath in Eastern Europe?

Why did tiny Georgia attack the Russian bear in August 2008? Read More »