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Chavez Denounces “Oligarchy” While Moving Venezuela Closer to Becoming One

Hugo Chavez has more than his already impressive physical guts to decry student "oligarchy" while setting Venezuela up as a state oligarchy. Read More »

Not Your Father’s (Or Grandfather’s, Or Great-Grandfather’s) Red Sox

Could the Red Sox be the new "Evil Empire" on the strength of their second World Series visit in four years? Read More »

There Can Be No Forgiveness For The Wicked

Austria's attitude to Nazi war criminals: "It's all in the past. Let's forgive!" Read More »

BBC: Animal Rights Extremists More of a Threat than Radical Muslims

If the recent episode of the BBC's Casualty is to be believed, we should fear animal extremists over angry, brain-washed Muslims. Read More »

We’re Here, We’re Childless: Deal With It

The outrage over Corinne Maier's latest book shows where the real intolerance toward different lifestyles lies. Read More »

Jews Come Last But Are First To Be Blamed For War

Howard Jacobson's premise that Jews come last is a tad flawed. They are always first on the anti-war shit list. Read More »

An Example of Real Justice

The tar-and-feather attack on a drug dealer in Belfast proves the community will take action when the police don't. Read More »

What’s The Real “Deeply Offensive” Issue Here?

The condemnation of the YouTube "Chav Hunt" video showcases Britain's inane political correctness toward idiots. Read More »

In The News: Gordon Brown, Boiled Islamofanatic, and Shambo The Bull

While Gordon Brown flexes his moral muscles, religious inequality continues in the U.K. Read More »

Hey, Ho, Shambo Won’t Go!

The proposed slaughter of Shambo the Bull was a slight against Britain's Hindu community. Read More »