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Playing God While Frankenstein Saves Lives

Britain's lawmakers have passed the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, with severe consequences for our future. Read More »

Liberation! Boris Johnson Is The New Mayor Of London

On May the 1st, Londoners liberated themselves from the ideological Red Ken, eager for the safer city that the victor, Boris Johnson, promised them. Read More »

Convenience Killed The Cat: Pets are The Victims of a Throwaway Society

We have gone too far when we abandon pet animals for the sake of convenience. Read More »

Don’t We All Have The Right to Feel Bitter?

If mass immigration continues at current levels, not only the "bitter" white working class will feel bitter. Read More »

Anti-China Torch Protests Had Merit

China won't take any notice, but the Olympics torch protests were a valid way of registering our displeasure with their regime. Read More »

On Benefits, Better Off: British Welfare System Enables Addicts and Emboldens the Non-Working Class

Unless Britain has true welfare reform, the addicts and the idle problem for a long time to come. Read More »

Catholics Are Right about Britain’s Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill

Catholic leaders and ministers in Britain are sounding the warning bell regarding the Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill. Will the future of human society benefit from this warning? Read More »

“We Shan’t Really Die”

We tell ourselves that we can't die before we've accumulated our fair share of earthly possessions. Is that the reason we can't accept nature or death? Read More »

And the Yoke Shall Deliver You from Evil?

Does not religion often seem a yoke around the necks of Presidential candidates? Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Remembrances: John McCain vs Gerry Adams

For those who wish to know about the Senator's anti-terror credentials, look no further than his March 16, 2005 speech Read More »