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News Demonstrates The Predictable Result of Allowing The Feckless and Feral to Fornicate

When we encourage the feckless and the feral to breed, the torture and killing of their offspring should be easily predicted. Read More »

Anti-War Ignorance and Disrespect, British-Style

If the British want to be British, why are they mimicking infantile American behavior circa 1972? Read More »

Study: Why Conservatives Can’t Be Clowns

A university study concludes that conservatives are more easily spooked. What does it say about them, and liberals? Read More »

Thoughts on Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin and I have much in common. So just why do I consider her a letdown and disappointment? Read More »

The “Freedom Cage”: The Ulitmate Litmus Test For Lefties?

The "freedom cage" at the DNC in Denver warns against Barack Obama. Only serious Leftists admitted. Read More »

London 2012 Puts Me In Mind Of The Fall Of Rome

Sports, consumerism, corporations and celebrities all conspire to become the ultimate opiate of the masses via the Olympics. Read More »

Georgia: It’s All About Oil

A nation goes to war, largely for oil and irredentist imperialism, and the Stop The War crowd is silent. Go figure. Read More »

It’s Better to Bury Ash Than Trash

When environmentalists oppose incinerators, just what other options are they leaving society for dealing with its waste? Read More »

What Part of “No” Does The European Union Not Understand?

Will the European Union take Ireland's "no" vote on the Lisbon Treaty seriously? Probably not. Read More »

No Dogs, Irish or Short-Asses Need Apply

Is John McCain too short to be President? A non-American observer of American politics thinks so. Read More »