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The War on Drugs or the War on Terror: Which would you choose?

On Eric Olsen’s recent entry, “The Song, Not the Singer: Bush on the War”, Jim Carruthers left the following comment: “The answer is that you shouldn’t have begun the ‘job’ in Iraq, and the ‘war on terrorism’ is as valid as the ‘war on drugs’ (as this week’s testimony by Ashcroft reveals).” I seriously don’t see how one can compare ... Read More »

The Big Apple has worms

WARNING: This entry might irritate New Yorkers. BOSTON, MA – “Boston sucks!” The voice that boomed down upon me from the big man could have elicited a more stylish response. The possibilities include: The factual: “Is that so? Well, how about those Patriots?” The foreboding: “Listen – Steinbrenner ruined the Yankees before, and he’ll ruin them again.” Or even the ... Read More »

Kerry’s Sinister Advertising Hoax

Since I’m on a roll here (and imagining Shark bursting blood vessels is worth every word I type), I’d like to ask you one question, dear reader: Remember the 9/11 Bush advertisements, the ones everybody hollered about? Granted, no-one needs reminding of that awful day. It was ill-advised, but hardly evil. This is just the latest excuse to kick the ... Read More »

Decrying the Afghanistan War

Give the new Socialist government in Spain this much credit – they are trying to meet the U.S., Britain and its allies half-way. Although determined to pull his country’s troops out of Iraq in June, Jose Zapatero has doubled the amount of Spanish soldiers, from 125 to 250, to help keep the peace in Afghanistan. As I read the news ... Read More »

Libya: Pariah to partner?

Yesterday, in Tripoli, British Prime Minister Tony Blair shook hands with Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi in a move that may be seen as either forgiving terrorism or helping to fight it. Truth be told, I am sympathetic and understanding toward those who are cynical about Gaddafi’s compliance and the West’s willingness to accept it. How, they say, can we overthrow ... Read More »