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Early morning July 5 musings (Happy Birthday, America!)

War and violence being the American way is a concept that liberals will still bang on about 500 years from now; and Iraq will have been a prosperous nation for more than 490 of them. Read More »

“Look, see here, I’m a hero, damnit!” – The Clinton interview, Part II

After discussing the problems of terrorism with Al-Qaeda that was occurring at the same time the Lewinsky scandal broke, Bill Clinton claims to have come the closest yet to capturing Osama bin Laden. Read More »

“Look, see here, I’m a hero, damnit!” – The Clinton interview, Part I

Last Tuesday, a current events program entitled Panorama, interviewed President Bill Clinton in the wake of his recently released book. In short, Clinton hasn't changed much. Read More »

Cell phones: The new birth control?

Men seriously risk having their sperm count slashed by a third and "vastly reduce the chances of conception," by using and carrying cell phones. Read More »

The puzzling phenomenon of Fahrenheit 9/11

Which makes me wonder, are Americans gluttons for punishment? Maybe they are viewing this rubbish in the hopes that they can catch a glimpse of just what kind of madman they are dealing with. Read More »

Optimism in Iraq

Uday Hussein taunted his own generals, telling them, "Just wait until I become president. I'll be crueler than my father ever was. You'll yearn for the time of Saddam Hussein." Read More »

The Top Ten album covers

The ten best album covers, according to me. Read More »

Eternally retro – the new measure of time

We talk about things being old or standing the test of time, but we speak of time in measures we understand. Read More »

Has Putin just been looking out for number one?

We all knew where Russia's interests were during the Iraq War. Oil for food, anyone? Read More »

Labour takes a beating

The people want a Blair they can trust, not merely a Blair that says "trust me." Read More »