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An American Health Care Skeptic Defends the NHS

Although the NHS might not be the role model Americans are looking for, the government-run British health-care system is not evil. Read More »

Kennedy’s Been Hitting the Bottle, But What’s Kerry’s Excuse?

Scotland's release of al-Megrahi from prison is a mistake and an outrage. But do Sens. Kennedy and Kerry really feel our pain? Read More »

Fashion Freedom Flows in Only One Direction

When a theme park banned briefs for men while making no such demand on females, they furthered society's prejudice against the male form. Read More »

One Dead, Many Spared?

A question for the pro-life zealots: How does committing murder make you holier than a late-term abortionist? Read More »

Meet Fire With Fire Indeed

Exactly whom is impressed by the lenient human rights attitude we show our enemies? Read More »

Death of a Newspaper Salesman: A Case of Anti-Police Sentiment Gone Too Far

Why exactly does society love violent, criminal protesters more than the police who try to rein them in? Read More »

It Does Not Take A Community

We would all have to be skilled in child care -- taking care of others' children -- if some people had their way. Read More »

In Praise of Obama’s “Inconsistency”

If Obama's being inconsistent with his boycott of the U.N. Conference on Racism, then it's inconsistency we can be happy with. Read More »

All Aboard The Anti-Israel Hate Train

Israel's moves in Gaza has brought forth a tide of European and worldwide anti-Semitism that is anything but new. Read More »

Obama’s Inaugural Pick Exposes Hole in Liberal Tolerance Ethic

What was Barack Obama thinking of when he selected Rick Warren for the inaugural address? Tolerance? Not good enough, according to liberals. Read More »