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My Top Ten Sad Songs

Sad songs are part of our lives like it or not. These are my ten. What would be yours? Read More »

Poking Fun At Depression – Not A Sane Thing

If depression is something we wish to oppose, we so often go the wrong way about it. Read More »

“Jesus” Crucifies The Red Sox

Johnny Damon may be a traitor, but the Red Sox aren't blameless. They're clueless. Read More »

Slamming the Door Shut on Early Iraq Exit

President Bush spelled it out to quisling Americans: We can not leave Iraq now. Period. Will the antiwar brigade listen? Read More »

Execution Of “Tookie” Williams Was Wrong Thing To Do

Giving Stanley "Tookie" Williams the death penalty may have sent the wrong message about anti-gang efforts Read More »

Christmas: The Pope is right

There isn't much spirit to be had during this season of hyperconsumerism. It's time to bring back a little traditional Christmas festivity to this all-too-secular holiday. Read More »

First France, Now Australia: Trouble In Paradise

Two months after civil unrest in France, anti-Muslim violence erupts in Australia. Is this a case of paradise lost? Read More »

US Health Is Not About Money, It Is About Common Sense

America is far from the world's healthiest country. The good news: It won't take a government agency to improve things. Read More »

English 101 For Native Speakers

If we don't care to be seen as a sloppy civilization, working on our English skills might be in order Read More »

The Time Is Right For U.S. Isolationism

If there's no love lost between the U.S. and most of the rest of the world, why not simply say, "OK, you're on your own"? Read More »