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Something is Rotten in the Eurozone

The French and Greek elections showed faith in far-Left policies to correct the financial crisis. Did the British do the same? Read More »

Barack Obama: Spiritual Leader of the British

What does the undying fealty to President Obama among the British public really say about them? Read More »

Donald Trump Cannot be Allowed to Trump the Executive Office

Serious questions and considerations must be made about the reality of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy Read More »

Advertisers Should Sell Products, Not Push Agendas

It's time to end the anti-male bias in advertising. Read More »

Freedom Of Expression at Ground Zero Is About More Than A Liberal Cause du Jour

Ground Zero mosque opponents are described as obstinate and bigoted. The mosque-builders and their supporters are even more so. Read More »

Avatar Overload and the “Anti” Agenda

It's easy to assume that Avatar is pro-environment and pro-civil rights. But it couldn't be more "anti" in its storyline. Read More »

Gordon’s Gaffe Sinks Labour in Heat of British Election Campaign

Labour's election chances were slim before Gordon Brown called a voter "bigoted." They're even slimmer now. Read More »

Time to Rage Against the Corporate Pop Machine

Will Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" rescue popular music and give it some originality again? Read More »

Paying For the Fat of the Land

The debate over whether the world's fattest man should be helped further is a matter of common sense. Read More »

Getting in Obama’s Way: Might That Not Be A Good Thing?

Van Jones has just proven that the Obama administration doesn't really want a Green world. They want a surreal one. Read More »