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self employed

A self employed person is one that has opted to start up his or her own venture rather than seek traditional employment with a company. There may be several reasons for taking the decision to be self employed such as unemployment, dissatisfaction with a current job, or simply the desire to work for ones-self. The route to self employment make ... Read More »

business investing

Business investing is the act of placing finance or capital into a venture or project with a view of getting a return or making a profit. Business start-ups and franchise opportunities are one of the most popular ways to invest. They usually entail running a business on a formula that has proven to be successful by others. They obviously depend ... Read More »

business opportunities

Business opportunities are effectively a way of starting up ones own business. They usually involve purchase of a lease, license or right to operate a business utilizing a business strategy or formula that another individual or company has found to be successful. Business opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. Popular business opportunities include: Work from Home Opportunities, Internet Opportunities ... Read More »


Franchising is the process by which a proven concept or business idea is packaged in a way can that can then be replicated by another. When franchising a business, its structure, its unique proposition and its operating methods are usually proven by way of pilot businesses. If these pilot businesses prove successful, the business owner then has documented proof that ... Read More »

franchise business

A franchise business is a business opportunity that has been proven and packaged so that another can replicate its success. The heart of any franchise business is its proven franchise formula. The idea behind the franchise concept is that running a business based upon a proven formula could be potentially more likely to succeed than one that is not. Suitable ... Read More »

franchise opportunities

Franchise opportunities are business opportunities that are based upon a franchise formula. Some franchise opportunities are big international brands that are instantly recognizable walking down the high street. However, there are also a considerable number of smaller, local franchise opportunities available within most countries. A franchise opportunity is basically a proven business model that can be replicated. This can provide ... Read More »


Franchises are business opportunities that are based upon a proven business model that can be replicated. This is laid out in an operations manual which provides a formula for a new business owner to follow. Franchises are usually proven by way of pilot businesses which have been shown to run profitably for a period of time and their business processes ... Read More »