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More Music From Ray

I haven’t seen the movie Ray so I don’t know what was on the original soundtrack. More Music From Ray is like the title says: more music from the film. According to the CD notes, it also includes music that inspired the movie. There are seventeen songs on here, three of which were recorded in 2003 especially for the film. ... Read More »

Bobby Darin Was A Friend of Mine by Al Aronowitz

Better a good editor should be your friend. It is a shame that this book is spoiled by bad editing. What could have been. There are countless improper usages of quotation marks; there are open quotes at the beginning of a paragraph and then no closing quotes at the end. Worst of all, there are thirteen incidents (that I counted, ... Read More »

American Woman by Susan Choi

An American fringe radical group, the Symbionese Liberation Army drew big headlines in 1974. Their kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst of Hearst newspaper fame, and subsequent conversion of her into a gun-toting bank robber ruled the media. In May of 1974 six members of the gang would die in a shootout/conflagration in a small home in the Compton neighborhood of ... Read More »

One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner

“As I have said, Faulkner cannot be read; he can only be reread.” So states Mr. Parini in the conclusion of this work and the statement might also be self-referential. I exaggerate but not by much. This is not light reading, but a scholarly approach to Nobel Prize-winning author Faulkner. It contains photos, endnotes and a hefty bibliography. In reference ... Read More »

Girl Trouble

“The true saga of superstar Gloria Trevi and the secret teenage sex cult that stunned the world.” With a subtitle like that it’s hard not to open the cover of this book. I faintly remember (or faintly think I remember) Gloria Trevi and the scandal surrounding her from some small item in the newspaper, or on one of the cable ... Read More »

Duke Power Deals Out Death?

Elizabeth Verdin, 89, of Greenville, South Carolina was found dead of hypothermia a week after Duke Power cut off her power December 6. She had not paid her bill in 60 days and did not respond to overdue notices. Someone from Duke Power went to the home before power was cut, but there was no response. The company is suspending ... Read More »

Eco-terrorists Strike Again?

Officials in Charles County, Maryland and the FBI have not ruled out eco-terrorists in the arson investigation of the burning of the Hunters Brooke subdivision here early Monday. Fire destroyed 10 homes and damaged 16 more. The development was fiercely opposed by environmentalists who claimed the project harmed the Araby Bog, a 6.5 acre wetland. The bog was home to ... Read More »

Just say no to sex?

Did you know that each human parent passes along 24 chromosomes to the offspring? Incorrect you say? The correct answer is 23? Don’t go to the head of the abstinence-only class because 24 is the answer given in one curriculum. This is the type of “science” taught in these curricula which receive millions of dollars in federal funding to promote ... Read More »