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The Skeptic’s Guide to Violent Video Game Studies

Why you should doubt what you read about the effects of violent video games. Read More »

We Must Find Alternatives to PS3 Mandatory Installs

Question #1: Mandatory Installs are to Global Warming as LittleBigPlanet is to What? Read More »

game cheats

Video games, unlike other mediums, require a certain amount of skill to actually complete. Game cheats are often programmed in by the game developers to facilitate completion of the game for those who are too challenged by it but still wish to experience the remainder of the gameplay. Game cheats also allow for fun distractions like the formerly commonplace "Big ... Read More »

PC Game Review: World of Goo

We review Experimental Gameplay's first product and what is currently the highest-rated game ever Read More »

DVD Review: Lil’ Bush – Resident of the United States, Season Two

Yet another parody of the president so awful that even the status quo candidate's buzzword is "change." Read More »

Playstation 3 Impressions: Mega Man 9

A new classic Mega Man game with all the nostalgia that impossible gameplay brings. Read More »

Spore in Retrospect

Or: On Disappointment, Dinosaurs, and DRM Read More »