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Shindel Wasser

PSST- I have a new business proposition that will revolutionize the water industry, and, at the same time, make you rich enough to retire in eight months! I’m not talking about an eight hour a day, back-breaking construction job. This is a not an office job, an outdoor job, or even one of those failed dot-comers. This is the opportunity ... Read More »

The Ol’ College Try: Choosing a Major

There have been growing requests for more insight into the American higher educational system, specifically, how to ease the process of “getting through” college. After a great deal of painstaking research and interviews with various college professors and advisors, I have compiled what I think will be a help to prospective students and those who wish to improve their college ... Read More »

Online Campers: Throw Another Blog on the Wire (as printed in UVSC’s “College Times”)

For those of you who don’t know, there is a revolution underway — and it’s underground. A movement of would-be journalists, reporters, and creative thinkers are publishing article after article, (some of them read by thousands of people a day) on the internet. These online writers are called “bloggers”, and the columns and articles that they write are called “blogs.” ... Read More »

Gauging the Distance

This morning, I woke up and drove to work. Now I’m eating a donut and drinking Dr Pepper. “Is that really all that happened this morning on your way to work? Nothing interesting happened?”, you’re wondering. I’m glad you asked. Actually, yes, something VERY interesting AND unusual happened on the way to work this morning… I ran out of gas. ... Read More »