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Viggo Mortensen Addresses Activism

Renaissance man gets an honorary degree and offers an education. Read More »

American Idol 2006: It’s a Soul Thing

It's true. I've been sucked into the Soul Patrol. But only for the best of reasons. Read More »

Bush: Above the Law

If Dubya can disobey laws as he see fits, no meaningful checks or balances exist to protect the people from their supreme leader. Read More »

Featured Artist: Al Stewart on the ‘Net

One of the primary reasons for the artist's recent career rise? Word of mouth being spread via the information superhighway. Read More »

Elizabeth Taylor Publicist Denies Death Rumors

There's a special place in Hell reserved for irresponsible tabloid journalists. Read More »

Featured Artist: Al Stewart – The Discography, Pt. 2

The road becomes rough, but oh, the words and music are sublime: Our travels through Stewart sounds cover 1984-on. Read More »

Message to Antigay Fundies Who Insist They Love GLBT People

Making nice with us once doesn't excuse all the ways in which the Religious Right and ex-gay ministries ruin queer lives. Read More »

John Lennon Message from the Great Beyond?

Do activists EVER get a chance to rest from their labors? Read More »

Featured Artist: Al Stewart – The Discography, Pt. 1

Our exploration of 40 years of the folk-rock legend's official recorded output starts with his 1966-82 releases. Read More »

Featured Artist: Interview with Al Stewart, Sept. 2005 (Part Two)

Part two of our chat: Folk-rock legend Al Stewart waxes nostalgic about rock and roll, nonsense poetry, and delightfully bends words to his will. Read More »