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Death In The Sport of Kings

Eight Belles and Barbaro are high profile deaths, but many more horses have died running the sport of kings? Read More »

Movie Review: The Reality of Spies Shown in Poisoned By Polonium

Would you die to tell the world the truth? And if you did, could we find your murderer? Read More »

The Writing Was on the Wall But GM Couldn’t Read It

The future when we'd need to replace fossil fuels is now. Read More »

Movie Review: A Better Life Without the King?

Michael Skolnik's documentary is a thought-provoking though flawed look at the world's last absolute monarch. Read More »

Movie Review: Times and Winds Is a Lyrical Look at Teen Angst

This beautiful, subtle movie tells how three young teens deal with their life and hardships in a small Turkish village. Read More »

Movie Review: Color Hollywood Yellow in Arthur Dong’s Hollywood Chinese

With Jet Li and Ang Lee having major movie mojo, are we free from a manufactured image of the Chinese in Hollywood films? Read More »

Movie Review: Gary Sinise’s 1992 Of Mice and Men

A movie worth renting, before or after you read the book, to remind you of where we once were as a country. Read More »

Interview with Filmmaker Yung Chang: Up the Yangtze On Slow Boat to China

Yung Chang's documentary is a slow boat to China, a China that doesn't exist, a China that will stop existing, and a China that will exist in the future. Read More »

Movie Review: Don Juan (1998)

This version movie of Moliere's play is grim and uninspired. Read More »

Theater Review: Fahrenheit 451 (South Pasadena, CA)

Ray Bradbury's own scripting and his theater company's production shows promise, but the master of sci-fi short stories isn't the master of the stage yet. Read More »