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Movie Review: A Man Named Pearl Makes a Difference

A Man Named Pearl is a small gem of a movie that should not, particularly in these dark economic times, be missed. Read More »

Brideshead Revisited, Waugh’s Panegyric Preached Over An Empty Coffin

Director Julian Jarrold's film fails to capture the essence of Evelyn Waugh's 1945 eulogy for the English country estate. Read More »

Movie Review: Romance of the French Countryside – Le Fils de l’Épicier

This gentle romance glows with a hopefulness that seems genuine as the prodigal son returns home and finds his place in the world. Read More »

When Humans Allow the Unfit to Survive

What happens when you take animals off the survival of the fittest track? Read More »

Movie Review: What to Do When the World Goes Kabluey

If ever a home needed a Super Nanny intervention, it's this household. Can a man in a blue mascot outfit save them? Read More »

Is Another Reorganization Really the Answer to Yahoo!’s Problems?

The House of Purple is undergoing yet another reorganization. That will fix everything just like the last re-org in 2007 and the one before that in 2006. Read More »

Movie Review: Holding Trevor Doesn’t Hold Interest

Holding Trevor is dull. Read More »

Movie Review: Hannari – Geisha Modern Is More Travel Guide Than Documentary

This look at modern geisha in Kyoto lacks a critical eye, but shows geisha as real women instead of Western fantasy. Read More »

Movie Review: Between Love and Survival is Live and Become

To survive would you live a lie? What would be the price? Read More »

Make Like the French; Make Music

A French music movement spreads in the United States, encouraging amateurs and pros to get out and make music. Read More »