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Movie Review: Felon (2008) – New Fish In The Shark Tank

What is the worst thing that can happen when an average Joe gets thrown in jail? Read More »

Movie Review Jarhead – Inertia In The Desert

A self-aware and jaded war movie about the Gulf War Read More »

Movie Review: Dead Man’s Shoes – An Eye For An Eye, But With A Brain

Sometimes vengeance taken with by blade and gun are justified, but there is always a price. Read More »

Movie Review: The Notorious Betty Page – Pretty Betty Without The Sleaze

It’s amazing that a girl wearing that much leather can still look so innocent. Read More »

Movie Review Legion – Angels Are Watching Over You…Sort Of

Paul Bettany as a bad-ass Arch-Angel makes more sense than it should but the rest of this does not. Read More »

Movie Review A Prophet – Prison Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

The fall and rise of small-time crook Malik and the nature of the prophet. Read More »

Movie Review: Repo Men

Scalpels, not scruples, that’s what this is all about. And buying a new heart when the old one blows out. Read More »

Movie review: Franklyn – Welcome to Meanwhile City

When you reject the dominant version of reality and substitute your own you might wind up in Meanwhile City. Read More »

Movie Review: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Pretty Visuals and Floppy-haired Heroes

It's pretty and it's grand, but they could have spent a few bucks on the script too... Read More »

Movie Review: Bright Star Stunningly Beautiful and Suitably Poetic

Romantic poetry was never mushy and always direct. This movie is a perfect illustration of that. Read More »