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Courtney Love’s Loft Sold

Actress-rocker Courtney Love's loft sold, narrowly escaping foreclosure. Read More »

Home Price Appreciation Increased In Double-Digits During Fourth Quarter, Market Now Normalized

Real estate prices reached all-time highs again in the fourth quarter, and the market's still balanced and strong. Read More »

Trump Mega-Mansion Is Most Expensive Home In U.S.

Two Trump homes made the list of 12 most expensive U.S. homes. Read More »

Cronkite Urges US Withdrawal From Iraq, Urges News Anchors Push For It

The former "most trusted man in America" urges more bias in the news in showing his views on the US in Iraq. Read More »

Paris Hilton Sued By Diamond Heiress Zeta Graft, Business Promoter Brian Quintana

Paris Hilton is under fire from Zeta Graft, diamond-heiress, for comments appearing in the New York Post. Read More »

Buying a Home Less Expensive Now Than In the ’80s, Will Become More Expensive Twice This Year

Housing prices are lower now than they were in the 1980s, but costs continue to creep up. Read More »

Google Has Right To ‘Flip’ AOL Stake

Google says its investment in AOL is long-term, fending off questions of whether or not it will sell its stake. Read More »

Housing Market Stronger, Wealthy Americans Confident About Increased Housing Values and What To Expect In 2006

Bottom Line: Housing will remain strong in 2006. Read More »

Martha Stewart Hires St. Petersburg Magazine Publisher As Apprentice

The winner of Martha Stewart's Apprentice did not get picked. Stewart chose a fellow magazine publisher, instead. Read More »

New Home Construction Starts Higher In November

Gas prices are lower, resulting in increased housing demand and higher new construction starts in November. Read More »