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Commercial Investment Property Sales Still Hot, Despite Slow Economy

Commercial investment property sales continue to increase in spite of the lagging U.S. economy as loans come from less traditional sources. Read More »

Right Lender’s Often Right Piece To Complete Your Buying Puzzle

Purchasing real estate can be somewhat of a puzzle, but knowing the right lender can help you to easily complete your buying puzzle... Read More »

John Mudd Announces World’s First Real Estate Web Log

Florida REALTOR® John Mudd announces launch of world's first real estate web log and how it will benefit future home sellers, buyers, plus buyers and sellers of commercial investment property. Read More »

The Acorn Gathering Gathers Funds For Cancer Cure Research This Holiday Season

The Acorn Gathering: Writers Uniting Against Cancer isn’t a novel, but it was quite a novel idea created by author Duane Simolke, who gathered a group of authors together, five in all, to write against cancer in this lovley literary work that includes stories that range from gritty and controversial to gentle and touching, all helping to raise money for ... Read More »

The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR is simply a PR book for PR

The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR unsuccessfully makes the case that PR will replace advertising completely, but it makes for a wonderful PR book for PR. Read More »

Panel Experts: Iraq Situation Nothing Like Cuban Missile Crisis

President Bush has tried to convince the American people that Iraq is just like the Cuban Missile Crisis, but the experts say it just isn't so. Read More »

From the Muddy Banks of a Viral Marketing Campaign

From the muddy banks of a viral marketing campaign gone haywire... Read More »

Reviewing Nirvana’s “You know you’re right” and how it markets the upcoming greatest hits package

Nirvana's recently bootleg-released song starts out with the gentle sound of strings strumming. A gentleness that sets the tone for this highly manic-depressive song. The song is played out with gorgeous grunge grooves from Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, and it seems to let us in on how Cobain felt not long before his death. Read More »