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Commercial Real Estate Investments Projected To Increase

Commercial real estate investments projected to increase throughout next year. Read More »

Tampa Bay Picked Top Place People Want To Live In, Near

It should be of little surprise to anyone, since Tampa boasts museums, art, lively night life and shopping, is home to a Super-Bowl winning football team and is just minutes from beautiful beaches. Read More »

Inexpensive Ways To Spruce Up Your Home, Stage It To Sell

Homeowners can spruce up their home for cheap, plus more easily stage it when selling by following these simple, cost-effective tips. Read More »

Free Trade Favoring U.S. Essential To New Employment In Deflationary Economy

The economy is recovering, but deflation, due to our borderless world, creates a situation where hiring new workers is rare because prices are no longer inflationary, and companies have been used to increasing them for years. Recovery or not, the economy will seem slow due to the deflation factor created by competing countries in the new global economy. Read More »

Proof: Bush Not True Conservative

George W. Bush suffers from a false case of conservatism, or pretentiousness in acting as if he were a true conservative, rather than the oligarchic liberal he governs as. Read More »

Previously Owned Home Sales Continue To Increase, Possibly Due To Rate Increase Fears

Previously owned home sales continue to increase say the National and Florida Association of Realtors. Some economists say this is due to fears of possible mortgage loan interest rate increases happening in the near future. Read More »

Internet Causes Price Descrimination, Privacy Loss

Are pop-up ads poison to our privacy rights, or friends that better-assist companies to assist you with your purchasing needs? Find more answers to this rhetorical question inside. Read More »

Consumers Can Now Sue When Receiving Junk Faxes in Florida

One Florida lawyer filed suit against Office Depot for sending him junk faxes, causing one court to rule that all Floridians can sue when receiving a junk fax, FCC rule in place or not. Read More »

Adding Moving Services To One-Stop Real Estate Shopping Services

Expanding the number of services I offer, other than real estate services, alone, helps me to better-assist my clients. Read More »

“Sex and the City” Author Candace Bushnell Shows Decline in Sex as Power in New Book

Bushnell shows that sex was powerful at one point in time in her latest book, but her book also shows that using sex as a weapon can have dangerous repercussions. Read More »