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Tampa Bay Business Journal features Business Blogging Awards contenders

If our blog wins Best Real Estate Blog, we'll use our free ad to help promote tsunamis relief. Read More »

Rondos rising throughout Tampa Bay

As more and more apartments are converted into condos, the days of renting in Tampa Bay appear to be numbered. Read More »

Real estate prices to continue to rise in 2005

Real estate bubble evangelists' bubble theory bursts as prices continue to rise in 2005. Read More »

Tampa Tribune says Florida housing is hot

The Tampa Tribune says Florida will remain a hot market in 2005 for real estate. Read More »

400 Beach Drive luxury waterfront condo project planned for downtown St. Petersburg

Opus South announces its second luxury waterfront condo project for downtown St. Petersburg, Florida's Beach Drive. Read More »

Trump Tower Tampa creates opportunity to help cure Leukemia and Lymphoma

Trump's new development allowed connection that allows us to do what we can to help cure Leukemia and Lymphoma. Read More »

Paris Hilton Buys Hollywood Hills Home

She fell in love with this luxury home priced just under $3 million, says Uncle Maricio. Read More »

Palm Beach Post features Inside Real Estate Journal, Billionaire Malcolm Glazer

Why is it that everyone talks about billionaire Malcolm Glazer, except Malcolm Glazer? Read More »

ABC, not Time, names bloggers “People of the Year”

ABC names bloggers its People of the Year. Read More »

2004 Man of the Year

Inside Real Estate Journal selects Malcolm Glazer, billionaire extraordinaire, as its Man of the Year. Read More »