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Punish Your Enemies

The ways of Obama and the Liberal Media Complex (LMC) laid bare for the recent election and beyond. Read More »

A Debt Paid

Who pays the debt? Read More »

A Rather Simple Choice

The Obama power grab skids to a halt Read More »

Let Them Play Golf!

What happens when a President faces an unfolding disaster? He goes golfing, of course! Read More »

Just Look in the Mirror

In the search for fat cats, here's one hiding in plain sight. Read More »

Afghanistan Lost

The endgame in Afghanistan rears its' ugly head. Read More »

Those Who Still Wait

Thousands of Americans were left out of the Obamacare debate. Here's how to help them. Read More »

If It’s Not Working, Keep Talking

Is the Obama media strategy working against itself? Read More »

The Biggest Cynic

Don't hate me 'cause I'm cynical Read More »

The Massachusetts Miracle?

In a surprising nail-biter of a race, Republican Scott Brown debated Democrat Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts senate seat. Read More »