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Did Marion Jones Get A Plea Deal?

Why would she admit steroid use now? Was the admission part of a plea arrangement? Read More »

OJ Simpson: The Cow That Keeps On Giving!

The case of OJ Simpson will generate over 50 million dollars for Las Vegas in trial related costs. Read More »

Book Review – Made Love, Got War: Close Encounters with America’s Warfare State by Norman Solomon

A very personal account of the antiwar movement. Read More »

Oops, I Did It Again! Britney Spears’ Meltdown at MTV Awards!

Britney Spears looked nervous, tired, out of shape, and bored at VMA performance. Read More »

Sagging Pants, Hip Hop, and Racial Discrimination

Laws are being passed across the country against wearing sagging pants in public. Is this another form of racism or a serious effort to clean up society? Read More »

Larry Craig and Spin

Larry Craig plead guilty to misdemeanor solicitation. Now he is using spin to fight this charge in an effort to remain in the Senate. Read More »

Coretta Scott King and Wiretaps

The FBI secretly monitored Coretta Scott King for years, hoping that she would link the ant-war and Civil Rights Movement. Read More »

Katie Couric – Reports from Iraq Day 1

A reaction to CBS news anchor Katie Couric reporting trip to Iraq and Syria in anticipation of a crucial military report on progress of the American effort. Read More »

Book Review: Biowarfare and Terrorism by Francis A. Boyle

Outlines how and why the United States government initiated, sustained, and then dramatically expanded an illegal biological arms buildup. Read More »

Michael Vick’s Dad Ratted Him Out

Michael Vick's father turns on him by providing information on previous dog fighting at family home. Read More »