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CD Review: This American Life – Stories of Hope and Fear

The wide variety of spoken stories on these discs will be sure to delight any NPR listener, even the boring people who enjoy Car Talk. Read More »

Music Review: Gob Iron – Death Songs for the Living

Never has an album lived up to its title so strongly. Read More »

Music DVD Review: The Harry Smith Project Live

You might not think you know Harry Smith, but you probably know his work. Read More »

Music Review: Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Legacy Edition)

"I should have brought Tammy Wynette and George Jones - anybody but Johnny Cash!" Read More »

DVD Review: Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law – Vol. 2

Every time you're like, "This is weeeeeeeird!", take a drink. Read More »

Year-End Roundup Music Review: Deadboy & The Elephantmen – We Are Night Sky

For the most part, Deadboy & The Elephantman have put out a damn fine original album. Read More »

Music Review: Darkel – Darkel

Please, Darkel, don't quit your day job. Read More »

The Pixies Reunion on Film

Engimas don't get back together for sold-out world tours. Read More »

Music Review: Paul Stanley – Live to Win

I never thought there would be a worse rock-dinosaur solo album than Gene Simmons' "Asshole", but a mere two years later, here it is. Read More »

Music DVD Review: Public Enemy – MKLVFKWR Manchester UK Live

Back in their heyday, Public Enemy would never dream of releasing three-year-old material, not even as a stopgap video collection. Read More »