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William – Tints and Shades

William is a one man band with guests providing help along the way. William Goodyear is a talented guy to do almost all the instrumentation on this album, and it shows. He finds a good balance of inspirational acoustic ballads and quality rock songs that are introspective and emotional. “Seeing myself” is a good song, as is most of the ... Read More »

Mindfield – Below

Mindfield harkens back to when metal was pure, before flannel wearing kids sipped lattes at Starbucks. I like it when I can hear the vocals, and Mindfield do a good job on Be-low of creating heavy metal songs with great guitar solos. On “Dead End Love”, the band do their best Megadeth impression complete with soaring guitars that are melodic. ... Read More »

Spineshank – Self-destructive Pattern

Spineshank are loud and in your face metal, that rocks with pulsing drumming and screaming vocals. Spineshank have a brilliant way of focusing their anger in just the right balance of melodic songs with a punch. I thought that track three “Smothered”, was the best of the album sounding like a combination of Linkin Park and Korn. If you like ... Read More »

On Broken Wings – Some of Us May Never See the World

Have your ever woke up with a monster hangover? Well, On Broken Wings provide the soundtrack to the night during your drunken haze. This is melodic metal at it’s finest along the lines of Norma Jean and other bands that I can’t seem to recall. I had a headache by track three “Giving up the Ghost”, and to be honest ... Read More »

Celebrity – Lovesick

Melodic music that is moody and brooding like the namesakes The Cure and other pop radio icons kind of describes Celebrity and their excellent release Lovesick. The opener “Remember Us” sets the tone for most of the album with jangley guitars and depressive lyrics. I don’t know much about this band but can tell you this is quality material from ... Read More »

The Kinison – Mortgage is Bank

Good poppy sing-along post-hardcore goodness characterizes the new release by The Kinison. It’s filled with hooks and inspiring melodies that defy you to not nod your head along with the songs and, yes, the occasional fist shaking. The songs build from clever verses into powerful choruses. The strongest example is the song The Way I Used to Be, and the ... Read More »

Comity – The Deus Ex-machina as a Forgotten Genius

I have a strange love/hate relationship with most jam bands. There’s usually an air of pretense and self-importance about them (look at us, we can stretch a song out for 45 minutes, aren’t we special?) which is generally one of the most destructive mistakes that a musician can make (there are few who can pull it off effectively). Usually these ... Read More »

The Agony Scene – S/T

The Agony Scene S/T Solid State Records Metal isn’t supposed to make you feel good. It isn’t supposed to be songs about love, heartache, or even unity (unless you’re an old-school hardcore band, then it’s almost a must). You know that an aggressive band does it’s job when you finish listening to the album and you feel like you have ... Read More »

Slow Coming Day – Farewell to the Familiar

You all know Sensitive Ponytail Man. He’s boldly sporting a leather duster that looks reminiscent of something off of the movie Highlander; pulling his shoulder length hair back into a greasy, slicked back ponytail. His shirt is usually something based around a dragon theme, while black Levis are a necessity. Sensitive Ponytail Man can be spotted at many local hobby ... Read More »

Acceptance – Black Lines to Battlefields EP

Energy, hooks, sweet vocals with sweeter harmonies. That is Acceptance in a nutshell. That is Jimmy Eat World in a nutshell. But there’s one difference. Jimmy Eat World writes better, catchier, more musically technical songs (ok so they aren’t super technical, but comparatively speaking). This EP isn’t bad. It consists of 6 songs and 2 live songs for added length. ... Read More »