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Abortion and a Father’s Right to Choose

Pro-choice advocates should not demand that fathers financially support their unwanted children. Read More »

Should the Government Subsidize Wal-Mart Employees?

There is nothing wrong with the government subsidizing Wal-Mart's workers. Read More »

Alito should be rejected BECAUSE he will literally interpret our Constitution

Since our Constitution is a deeply flawed document, we shouldn't support anyone who plans to interpet it literally. Read More »

Should We Embrace a Culture of Life?

Not all innocent human lives are equally valuable. Read More »

Why We Should Withdraw From Iraq

Very grudgingly...I have come to the conclusion that we should start withdrawing our forces from Iraq. Read More »

Why Didn’t the Bush Administration just Plant the WMDs in Iraq?

Perhaps their nonsense was good enough to fool even them. Read More »

Should We Support A Government Of Laws?

We pride ourselves on having a government of laws, but is having a government of laws desirable? Read More »

Iraqi and American Founding Fathers

In 2205 some Iraqi might defend his views because it is what Ahmad Chalabi intended, and be taken seriously. Read More »

Why Is The Right Opposed To Harriet Miers?

In Bush’s five years as president he hasn’t received any serious opposition from his own party. Sure, there’s been occasional grumbling even from his base, but his nomination of Harriet Miers marks the first time that conservative criticism has been this passionate and sustained. But why is the Right so opposed to her? Here are some possible explanations: (1) The ... Read More »