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Carbon Nanotubes, the Evolution of Hydrocarbons?

For the last 160 odd years we have been using carbon as a medium to store our hydrogen fuel. We called this method of H2 storage "fossil fuels". Read More »

Review: A New Twist in Home Heating?

Imagine yourself snuggled up next to your significant other on a cold, snowy winter’s night. You are sitting on the living room floor sipping wine, warm and cozy in front of your new fireplace, watching the flames crackle and dance. Every so often you get up to add more water to the fire…… That’s right, according to Vince Bossany, press ... Read More »

Volkswagen’s Hydrogen Future is “Sunny”

The ongoing development of the hydrogen energy concept is moving forward rapidly across the globe without much of this activity being obvious... Read More »

The Axis of Justice

The name sounds like something dreamed up over at Marvel Comics. Throw in hard rockers Tom Morello of Audioslave and Serj Tankian of System of a Down and the result should be "interesting" whatever it is. Read More »

The Coral Reef Restoration Initiative

In the last 10 years or so there has been an alarming development in the oceans of the world. Coral reefs are dying because of an effect called Coral Bleaching. Read More »

No More Lost Grannies?

Do you have problems with wandering relatives? Or do you yourself sometimes lose your way on the trip home from work? Read More »

Climate Suggestions For The G8 From Tyndall

This week I got a report in the mail from the Tyndall Institute. The Institute is a respected scientific center for climate change research located in the UK. The report was titled Key8 for G8 and contained eight suggested areas that should be concentrated on in preparing for and dealing with the effects of global warming. In this story I ... Read More »

Review: Notes From The Warped Tour ’05, Randall Island, NY

The Warped Tour '05 rolled into the Big Apple in a huge cloud of dust that never settled for the entire day on Saturday.... Read More »