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CD Review: Superbeautifulmonster by Bif Naked

She is a beautiful, punk rock princess no doubt, but she is also a really cool person. Read More »

CD/Concert Review: Northern By Farewell Flight

When we were kids, we would always climb the tallest trees in town. / We never thought about what would happen if we lost our footing... Read More »

CD Review: 2% Faster by Dirty Lenin

Beyond pop, beyond Punk there exists another realm of artistic expression that I am going to tentatively dub "party rock". Read More »

EP Review: People Under The Stairs — Stepfather

Their styles range from danceable Hip-Hop to twitching the turntable on some Old School rap flavored tunes. Read More »

Theater Review: Shiloh Rules

The play is billed as a "Civil War satire." When I read that description I thought, "OK here is one I have to see." Read More »

EP Review: ANA – Me Talk Pretty

I don't think you will be sorry for getting to know this little Gypsy with the beautiful voice and the pretty smile. Read More »

CD Review: Train – For Me It’s You

I didn't get bored listening to the CD all the way through a couple times and the more I listened to it the more it sort of grew on me. Read More »

CD Review: The Strokes First Impressions of Earth

The CD has an "explicit content" warning on it but don't worry mom and dad, nothing in it is going to melt those little minds. Read More »

CD Review: back to bedlam, James Blunt

Remember when Elvis left music to be a soldier? In the case of James Blunt the process was reversed. Read More »

The Climate Change News

Could we take carbon dioxide back out of the atmosphere fast as we put it in and convert that carbon dioxide back into hydrocarbon fuels? Read More »