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Twisten.FM is Potentially the Hottest App on the Web Today for Indie Artists

National radio airplay is an often unreachable goal for any band and Twisten.FM has created a similar opportunity within Twitter. Read More »

How Electric Deregulation Could Change Our Energy Future

I was always vaguely against Electric Deregulation because I thought that is was not a fair representation of the Free Market. Read More »

Bailout Rejected: World Doesn’t End

We have survived the financial crisis of 2008 without committing ourselves to a higher mountain of debt. Read More »

Tax And Spend vs. Spend And Spend

So our economy is in the tank and all the savvy politicos are demanding that we bail out Wall Street. Read More »

Will Artificial Trees Solve Our Energy Woes?

The faster that we can develop this process the faster our CO2 pollution and fuel supply woes will be over, forever. Read More »

Global Warming: Human Induced Or Natural Cycle and Does It Really Matter?

I think that in the end it doesn't seem like it really matters. Read More »

Band Review: Deek Jenkins

Has a kind of electrifying intensity to their music that makes you want to get up and do something. Read More »

Springer Show Interrupted For Spitzer Resignation

I was watching the Jerry Springer Show on New York City's CW 11 when it was interrupted for a special news bulletin. Read More »

Obama and Plagiarism

The wolfpack of Neo-Conservative pundits are now seizing on "plagiarism". Read More »

Website Review: CharityUSA

Creating a better world, click by click. Read More »