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Little Miracles

This weekend I sat back and watched a new breed of small miracle happen. Chances are, so did you. And the amazing thing is, you probably barely even noticed. Seen the latest GM commercial? No, not the one with the 18-wheeler brodying into the dealer parking lot, although that one is badass too. I did that once in my truck-driving ... Read More »


This excellent article ran in my hometown fishwrap yesterday: I’ve given up on country music. My commute is no longer accompanied by the sound of what passes for country today. If I want pop, I’ll tune to a pop station. CMT is just a TV station to surf past on the way to something better, unless you want to watch ... Read More »

Music and what it means

Okay, first thing you have to know is, I’m a Mozart man. There seems to be this weird dichotomy in classical music whereby if you love one, you can’t love the other. If you like Mozart, Beethoven is too much shallow sturm und drang for you, too much cheap roaring noise, the kind you can buy in a dime store ... Read More »

The Queen is dead

Sad news: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Singer-songwriter June Carter Cash was born into country music royalty and went on to marry Johnny Cash after writing about her forbidden passion for the Nashville hellraiser in the classic song “Ring of Fire.” June, who died in Nashville on Thursday aged 73, rescued her husband from a destructive methamphetamine habit and turned him ... Read More »

Good man gone

The great Hank Ballard is dead: AP: Hank Ballard, the singer and songwriter whose hit “The Twist” ushered a nationwide dance craze in the 1960s, has died. Ballard, who was suffering from throat cancer, died Sunday at his home, friends said. Friend and caretaker Anna Ayala said Ballard’s birth records indicate he was born in 1927, but biographical information lists his ... Read More »

Rockin’ Bones

Most of you probably never heard of Ronnie Dawson. In the Great Pantheon of Rock and Roll Legends (no, I most certainly do not mean the Hard Rock Cafe, nor do I mean that Hall of Shame in Cleveland either; I call it the Hall of Shame because any institution that took so long to recognize Gene Vincent – and ... Read More »


In the midst of all the holiday joy comes sad news: Joe Strummer is dead. (Via Michele) Joe was something of a jackass, I’ll just say that up front. I was a huge Clash fan for a long time, but they’re one of those youthful enthusiams of mine that hasn’t stood the test of time, at least for me. They ... Read More »

The Great One(s)

I’ve been sort of half-trying to watch this Jackie Gleason made-for-TV semi-bio on CBS this evening. Somehow, I just can’t get into it; I know, I just dead-solid know, that they’re going to screw it up. And that would just break my heart. So maybe I’ll just write about him instead. Maybe that’ll help. See, it’s like this: my whole ... Read More »