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Black Angels Need to Fly!

Black angels must get into the game of risk capital investing and spur job growth in economically disconnected communities. Read More »

LA Times Blinded From Light Shed By Hugo Chavez

Los Angeles Times editors lambasted Hugo Chavez, failing to realize he was right. They were wrong. Read More »

Election 2008 Amnesia: War? What War?

The media has forgotten the defining issue of this generation, the war in Iraq. It's AWOL in the 2008 election. Read More »

John McCain Commits Political Suicide … Brilliantly

McCain sabotaged his campaign in a brilliant move to win his longterm war with Bush. The last laugh is his. Read More »

Barack Obama Has Already Won

He has won the hearts and minds of millions, and bridged divides across generations, race, economic and political demographics. Read More »

Deception: The Dangerous Politics of the Left and Right

Both political parties have ignored the will of the people, but here's information on how they ganged up on us! Read More »

The War on Presidential Tyranny

Americans live under the threat of an approaching dictatorship. Read More »

It’s Official – Conspiracy Theories about CIA Are True

CIA revelations about its clandestine operations undermine public trust in government. Read More »

Iowa Presidential Debate Organizers Snub Ron Paul

The Iowa presidential debate failed to invite Ron Paul, the only candidate that honestly addresses the war on terror. Read More »

All About Trusting Bush and Other Leading Liars

Our leaders lie. Yet when they send troops to kill and be killed, we trust them. Read More »