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A Writer on Writing: The Top Four Things Every Wannabe Needs to Know

There are thousands upon thousands of books out there telling you how to write, with one thing in common: They all get it wrong. Read More »

Audiobook and Website Review: Billy: Messenger of Powers

How would you like it if I offered you a book that you'll like better than Harry Potter/Twilight/whatever... or it's free? Read More »

Who IS Billy Jones: Building Buzz for an Audiobook

A new fantasy series in the vein of Harry Potter and Fablehaven is being publicized with a fun new twist. Read More »

G.I. Joe: Why I Want to Bear Snake Eyes’ Children

GI Joe's a real multi-national hero... but who really cares, because it's all about Snake Eyes. Read More »

And Tat’s All There Is To It

Nothing says “Hire me” less than a teardrop tattoo and “Born to Burn” emblazoned across the back of your head. Read More »