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Against Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

My school only taught abstinence-only sex education. Almost thirty percent of my class have babies. Coincidence? Read More »

A Brief History of Makeup

Ever wondered how makeup became such a staple of everyday women's lives? You can thank two individuals. Read More »

Must See and Must Avoid Halloween Fare

Not sure what to catch on TV this Halloween? Take a look at this list of personal favorites. Read More »

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity Disappoints Horror Fans

New thriller continues to sell out theaters, but some movie-goers leave unimpressed. Read More »

Music Review: Paramore – Brand New Eyes

Quintet's aptly named third album delights old and new fans alike. Read More »

Glee Brings Just that to Television Audiences

Ryan Murphy's new musical television show is sure to delight fans of all genres. Read More »

Music Review: Miley Cyrus – The Time of Our Lives

Backing away from her pop princess title, Miley Cyrus gets edgy with Walmart exclusive EP. Read More »