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Book Review: The Road to Jerusalem by Jan Guillou

An engrossing work of historical fiction. Read More »

Interview with Robert Masello, Author of Blood and Ice, Bestiary, and Vigil

"A book is like a fever dream, and if I break the fever, I can lose... the idea altogether.” Read More »

Book Review: The Dakota Cipher by William Dietrich

A thoroughly entertaining historical adventure, overseen by a character of contradictions. Read More »

Interview with William Dietrich, Author of The Dakota Cipher

"My novels walk a tightrope between historical accuracy that is carefully researched and mystical speculation that is pure invention." Read More »

Book Review: Cibola by David Wood

Wood strikes a nice balance between mystery, action, and characters, and spins an intriguing yarn. Read More »

Interview with David Wood, Author of Cibola and Dourado

“I’m asking everyone who loves adventure novels ... to buy the book on Amazon.com on March 17 [to raise money for the Brain Tumor Foundation].” Read More »

Book Review: Corsair by Clive Cussler and Jack Dubrul

Dubrul and Cussler expertly weave their plotlines, intertwining history, religion, politics, and action into an entertaining yarn. Read More »

Book Review: House of Wolves by Matt Bronlewee

A solid thriller for readers who enjoy biblical mysteries. Read More »

Book Review: First Daughter by Eric van Lustbader

An intriguing mystery that keeps the reader guessing until the end. Read More »

Book Review: Kronos by Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy Robinson delivers again! Kronos is another positively addictive page-turner. Read More »