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Exercise is physical activity undertaken for the purpose of achieving and/or maintaining physical fitness. Exercise is something everyone knows they should do but not many want to do it — like flossing one's teeth. There are so many different types of exercise it can be overwhelming to someone just trying to get into better shape. Gym memberships offer a different ... Read More »

fat loss

Fat loss is achieved by taking in less calories than one uses for activity and life functions. Effective exercise programs help to increase fat loss when following a lower calorie diet plan. Fat loss is favorable over weight loss because it protects your lean body mass while shedding fat to increase your fat to lean mass ratios. Diets higher in ... Read More »


Diets are typically for weight loss, and you can find a diet to fit any mood or any food aversion. Diets such as Atkins as well as the South Beach Diet have brought even more media exposure and created cult like followings. Some diets for weight loss are less science-based and more theory-based — or in some cases fad-based. While ... Read More »

Chewing the Fat – Literally

With today’s modern food assortment most people turn to fish oil capsules to make up for the rest of the needed fats. Read More »


Obesity has climbed the charts to become the leading cause of preventable death in the 21st century. While the medical community treats symptoms of obesity such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers there is little to be done to stop obesity from starting in the first place. The obesity epidemic has become a billion dollar industry with companies marketing ... Read More »


Most people define dieting as restriction of food in an attempt to lose weight. There are many different paths to reach the same destination in dieting. However, that does not stop people from coming up with even more alternatives. You can try dieting on just cabbage soup all the way to dieting in "The Zone" and still reach the same ... Read More »