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Setting the Record Straight on Relative Humidity

There’s something about shyness that has never appealed to me. One of the reasons why my Denver, Colorado flagship cigar shop has one of the best smoking rooms in the state is so my customers can challenge me. Challenging each other is why we have a good time, and how we learn new things about Cigars. Cigar smokers in the ... Read More »

No One Wants to Find a Tobacco Beetle in Your Cigar Because of a Neglected Humidor

In this day and age, the cigar humidor enjoys a reputation of elegance and prestige. From dive-proof travel humidors to furniture-style orgies of skillful carpentry, humidors reflect on the personality of their owners as much as the cigars within them. However, it’s vitally important not to forget that the cigar humidor does serve a purpose and can worsen or even ... Read More »

Season that Cigar Humidor, Boy!

It never ceases to amaze me how common it is for people to have problems with their humidors – particularly new and expensive ones. Recently, I was approached by a gentlemen who had recently acquired a beautifully constructed humidor worth several thousand dollars. It was a gift, but like most humidors sold on the market (whether they are costly models ... Read More »

Caribe to drop their best cigar?

Having been involved with the cigar industry for over two decades, it’s not uncommon for customers and industry insiders to ask about my favorite cigar. Not to ruffle up the feathers of those enamored with Opus X and the few Cubans they can get a hold of, my premier pick of late has been the Camacho Diploma Maduro. And just ... Read More »

Snubbing Out World Culture One Cigar at a Time

With the zeal of the Taliban as they destroyed Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan thousands of years old, Fidel Castro has forsaken his own people in what is the latest attack yet on one of the world’s most prized and unique art-forms. Not only has he recently instituted a government ban on the public smoking of cigars, he has snubbed the ... Read More »