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TV Review: Turn The Beat Around

A disco nightclub in 2010? Come on now. Read More »

Music Review: Electric Tickle Machine — Blew It Again

Blew It Again is not most solid debut album I've ever heard, but it's fun listening to a group that is trying to find itself. Read More »

Music Review: Alicia Keys — The Element Of Freedom

There are rumors that Alicia may wish to retire soon. With The Element Of Freedom album, I seriously doubt that she would consider that. Read More »

DVD Review: Life On Mars – Series 2

When it comes to viewing Life On Mars, it's best just to enjoy the ride as is. Read More »

DVD Review: Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell, while not a solid film, is still an enjoyable ride for those familiar and not so familiar with Raimi's work. Read More »

DVD Review: Nightmare

Nightmare works as a film if you like puzzles. This puzzle unfortunately left me confused. Read More »

Why The Disney/Marvel Deal Is Good For Both Parties

I, for one, hope Spider-Man doesn’t start singing in his future sequels. Read More »

DVD Review: Life On Mars – Series 1

Life On Mars is a bizarre cross between a cop show and a sci-fi drama. A good bizarre at that. Read More »

Movie Review: Friday The 13th (2009)

Sticking to the same old, same old isn’t going to work for Friday The 13th in the future. Read More »

DVD Review: Gunsmoke – The Third Season, Volume Two

If you want a unique view of the old west, Gunsmoke is your ticket. Read More »